Award winning author of Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Science Fiction Fantasy, Paranormal and Inspirational novels. 

"A melting glacier, a wild river, gold and a killer on the prowl... again."
The man who rescues Lane breeds wolf dogs, illegal in Alaska. It's the reason Micha is hiding out on an old family homestead. Out hunting with the pair, he finds Lane. He has no choice but to take her home. Still, he must be careful or the state will confiscate his dogs and euthanize them. Micha can't have that. He hasn't had a woman in his place, ever. Lane has a hard time keeping her eyes off the man. He's eye candy and she'd love a taste.
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Chandler County 


The last person Muriel

expected to see outside the

horse farm was Johnny Dane.

Johnny has a lot to say to 

her. He knows the first thing

had better be 'sorry'.

A family saga that spans time. Begin 

with Gideon and Ailene. A young 

knight and the only child of the laird 

of Clan MacGrough. Innocents both, 

they must navigate the hardships

of marriage while living in a country

at war and deeply divided. 

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Paper Gold Publishing 

Number 3 in Listopia's Best of Religious & Inspirational Fiction

He made a big mistake and his plane crashed on 

the river ice. Dorcas pulls him from the water. In 

town James discovers his father left and he has 

no money. He must wait at the cabin with her for

his father to return. Dorcas' religion irks him but 

there's no where to go. He's stuck. 

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Number 2 Listopia Romance With Strong Contemporary Females, Number 3 Listopia Western and Native American Romance

Not all of Dorcas' relatives are as innocent. PR Jones

wants the tenant in the apartment below. Brenda isn't ready to give any man access to her heart. PR is in for a long hunt, good thing he's a patient man. 

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Alaska in the 1800s is not an easy place to live.

For Camille, her forced marriage gets harder

when she realizes someone wants her dead. 

Is it her husband? Older than she with a 

child, Dmitri isn't an easy man to live with. 

Could the woman he sees in Juneau be behind


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"A Metamorphosis of the Heart and Mind!" 5 stars

"a unique and beautiful love story between two different species..." 5 stars

A distant desert world. A telepathic cat near death is

dumped in CoDee's yard. It hurts his heart when animals are injured. His brain damage keeps CoDee in a perpetual state of hunger and thirst, but he will help the kitty. 

Her own survival in doubt, Cat hopes to help the boy if she can. First, she must become stronger. 

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" Mystical, mythical, and magical..." 5 stars
“Aurora’s Song” is a truly extraordinary story of an extraordinary young woman." 5 stars

Algen is a product of Saami and Athabaskan heritage. There are myths and legends from both cultures she hasn't heard which may lead to an early death. Gunrik makes a grave mistake with Algen, one he may be too late to rectify. 

The spirits are waiting. The want Algen and mean to take her. 

"A story of kinship, hard men and a constant readiness to face conflict are key ingredients in this superb story. The romantic interludes are painted with a deft hand and given the story, I would credit the sexual scenes as ‘hot’, rather than ‘cozy and heartwarming’.5 stars

The Romans are already there in force. The Antonine Wall stretches from the firth of Clyde to the firth of Forth. While the Romans pursue conquest on a grand scale, the Scotti are infiltrating Pictish territory slowly.

Ualan’s people are a mix of Pict and Scott. They face the Romans on one hand and the Picts on the other. Their hold is tenuous. Things take a terrible turn when Ualan’s someone kills his mother and sells him into slavery to a Roman woman.

She needs a stud, a young one who won’t challenge the master. Her life depends on producing an heir. Ualan hates her and all she stands for. Her plot backfires when an old soldier mentors the boy. He helps Ualan escape with their son. At home, his troubles are far from over. War with his Pictish kin looms, and the master seeks the child he declares is his, not Ualan’s.

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